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To watch over, protect and improve the general interests and market conditions of corporations engaged in the provision of translation and interpretation services, both nationally and internationally, with special advantages for Specialist members;

To promote itself and the minimum principles of practice and conduct for members, and suppress malpractice in the translation and interpretation industry, so that consumers are provided a level of quality and service assurance;

To encourage the settlement of disputes in the translation and interpretation industry through arbitration, by nominating arbitrators and umpires on such terms and in such cases as may seem expedient;

To provide a medium for members to enjoy the many benefits of a unified Canadian corporate translation and interpreting industry;

To actively monitor and investigate governmental bodies in their awarding of translation or interpretation contracts, in order to ensure that members have been given an equal opportunity to bid on such contracts, and to encourage such bodies to award such contracts to corporations which are either incorporated in Canada or have a primary office in Canada;

To provide the legislature and/or any public or private body a concerted and united representation of Canadian translation and interpretation corporations, with emphasis on attaining proper recognition for services provided by certified member corporations;

To originate and promote improvements in the law as may be deemed expedient;

To attain that percentage of the vote in an association/network of translation industry stakeholders (should one be formed) equal to the percentage of industry revenues its membership criteria represents;

To improve the technical and general knowledge and thus quality of member corporations engaged in the provision of language translation and interpretation services;

To encourage the discovery and investigation of, and make known the nature and merits of, inventions and processes that seem capable of being used by corporations engaged in the provision of language translation and interpretation services;

To establish, co-operate, cultivate and obtain reciprocal relations with kindred institutions, organisations, foundations, societies, companies, corporations or associations throughout the world whose objects are altogether in par similar to those of the Corporation;

To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply from time to time all or any part thereof and/or pay income therefrom for the above objects;

To use, apply, give, devote, accumulate or distribute from time to time any part of the fund or funds of the Corporation and/or the income therefrom for the above objects by such means as may from time to time seem expedient to its directors;

To solicit, accept, receive, aquire by purchase, lease, agreement, grant, donation, legacy, gift, bequest or otherwise, any kind of real or personal property, and to enter into and carry out agreements, undertakings, and conditions in connection therewith;

To acquire rights, privileges, licences, permits and concessions necessary or desirable;

To aquire by purchase, lease, devise, gift, or otherwise, any kind of real or personal property, and to hold, such real property or interest therein as is determined by the directors of the Corporation to be reasonably necessary for the actual use and occupation of the Corporation, or for carrying on its objects, and to sell, dispose of, and convey the same or any part thereof;

To pursue such other complimentary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.

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