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Code of Ethics Approved Languages By-laws
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  1. Member companies shall only undertake such translation assignments that they are able to perform to the highest standard of quality as required by the client.

  2. Member companies shall maintain the technical capabilities and work processes required by modern communications and information technology.

  3. Member companies have a general duty of fair dealing towards their clients, fellow members, subcontractors and other parties within the translation industry.

  4. Member companies shall not make misleading or unsubstantiated claims in their publications and advertising materials.

  5. Member companies shall treat as confidential any information they may obtain in the course of their activity by ensuring all employees and subcontractors sign a nondisclosure agreement.

  6. Member companies shall agree on the cost, time, manner of delivery and terms with the client when an assignment is accepted, and observe the agreed deadlines. The agreement shall be observed in a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding. Should it not be possible to adhere to the delivery schedule (on account of force majeure or unpredictable difficulties arising from the assignment itself), the client must be consulted concerning a solution or an alternative course of action at the earliest opportunity.

  7. Member companies shall promote co-operation with freelance translators and/or interpreters, encouraging smooth procedures and good working relations.

  8. Member companies shall put their contractual relationship with translators and interpreters in writing, and state their expectations prior to providing work.

  9. Member companies shall agree to use professionally skilled, competent translators and/or interpreters who are qualified by education, training and experience to carry out the assignment successfully.

  10. Member companies shall make every reasonable effort to check the accuracy and correctness of the final translation as required by the client.

  11. In cases of dispute between clients or translation and interpretation suppliers and members regarding the quality of service provided, member companies shall agree to be bound by the decision of an impartial Arbitration process as to be established by the Association.

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