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Founded in 2003, ACCTI’s voting membership criteria represents 51% or more of Canadian translation revenues generated nation-wide.1 It serves both Canadian translation and interpreting companies, and users of translation services through otherwise unattainable quality standards and arbitration processes. It provides a forum for members to work together toward common goals, and represents public interest through quality-oriented voting membership criteria and stringent Specialist designations.

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ACCTI members agree to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, are subject to the rulings of an arbitration process, and are all true businesses specializing in the provison of translation and/or interpreting services. When seeking the service of a translation company, look for the standard ACCTI logo on the advertisement as a basic assurance of quality as depicted below:

  ACCTI Member Officialy Logo

Larger firms that have agreed to adhere to a higher standard may also have any one of three ACCTI Business Specialist designations. Such designation provides the highest possible level of quality assurance from a translation and interpreting vendor, so look for the applicable ACCTI Specialist logo when selecting a supplier should such criteria be important in your purchasing decision. The three designations are:

  ACCTI Translation Business Specialist Logo ACCTI Interpretation Business Specialist Logo ACCTI Translation & InterpretationBusiness Specialist Logo

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ACCTI welcomes new members from around the world. Full voting membership is open to Canadian Corporations providing translation and/or interpreting services which agree to adhere to our Voting Membership criteria and corresponding Code of Professional Conduct, Ethics and Business Practices. Non-voting membership is available to all parties interested in the Canadian translation industry.

ACCTI uses the term translation QUALITY to refer to a high standard of translation and service judged by impartial professional criteria, aimed at ensuring client satisfaction.

1As per the Final report of the Canadian Translation Industry Sectoral Committee dated September 1999.

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